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It's Time For a New You  in 2022!

Are you ready to take on the greatest transformation of your life?
Over the years, we have done tons of successful challenges, but this one tops them all! Over the next 90-days, we are going to dig deep and push ourselves past our comfort zones and transform not only our bodies, but our minds to create the strongest, most resilient versions of ourselves that we could ever imagine!
This challenge is open to all men and women of all fitness levels!

What to expect over the course of the next 90-days:
  • 90 Days of Sweat Club Bootcamp & Open Gym Workouts*
  • 90-Day Custom Nutrition Program
  • Mind-Body Journal (downloaded eBook)
  • Access to Facebook Challenge Group
  • Weekly Zoom Check-In Calls
  • Access to Recorded Live Sweat Club Daily Workouts If You're Out of Town and Can't Make it to the Gym
  • Live Workshops @ The Sweat Club Gym
  • Bi-Weekly InBody Weigh-Ins
  • 2 Monthly 15 - 30 Minute Compression Sleeve Therapy Sessions
  • Challenge Swag for Purchase
  • Discounts on Meal Prep Delivery Services, Protein, CBD Products, Massage Sessions and more!
  • One 20-Minute Postural and Mobility Exam By Our In-House Physical Therapist
  • Support & Accountability From the Greatest Team Ever
  • ... And Many More Surprises to Come Throughout the Challenge!
If you're done giving up on yourself when it comes to your health and tired of your 'before' and 'after' photos never changing and you're ready to commit to something that will be sustainable for a lifetime, this challenge is for you!
But why 90 days? Statistically, most people give up on their New Year's resolutions within 6-weeks of starting.
This challenge is designed to get you past that hump by establishing healthy habits and learning
that health and fitness can be fun!
Stop starting every new year with goals that are never attained. Stop shying away from the camera. Quit the yo-yo dieting cycle that destroys your metabolism.
Stop being that parent watching your child from the sideline when you could be out there enjoying life with them!
It's GO time! Are you ready?!

Challenge begins January 10th! Registration closes January 9th. Once registered, you will receive an email for next steps. Please make sure to check spam if you have not received your welcome email by end of day.


If you have any questions about the challenge, which option to choose or how to sign up, please contact us! Also make sure to click on "view more details" for all information regarding the challenge option. If you're a non-member and would like to pay $200 monthly vs. all at once, please come in and register in person. All others may sign up in person as well.